Kinks Fremantle offers the best in facials. Our facial treatment are the most advanced in skin care using restorative and balancing facials products designed to transform and nourish your skin. Our highest quality DermaQuest products include enzyme treatments and resurfacing peels to ensure radiant and healthy skin with sustainable results in our Fremantle based salon.

Choose your level of luxury with fabulous facial treatments designed to promote radiant and healthy skin. All products used are made using the highest quality ingredients by DermaQuest.

DermaQuest has a clear strategy for brilliant skin results. Starting with restoring, and balancing all skin types, we then address the skins conditions with our advanced treatment peels.

DermaQuest’s cosmeceutical collections provide luxury care, rich in botanical stem cells, peptides, and vitamins. All of our products have the highest percentage of active ingredients, and contain as many different active ingredients as possible. This powerful combination ensures hydrating, plumping, stronger more resilient skin, anti-ageing benefits, lightening brightening effect, and a smoother texture.

Enzyme treatments are the perfect introductory treatment into DermaQuest. It is a starting point to balance and build on your skin to ensure its integrity is strong. It uses enzymes to exfoliate the skin, then a firming foam to firm it all up.

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DermaQuest resurfacing peels are an effective treatment to remove dermal skin layers and inject the skin with high quality active ingredients. We will consult and determine your skin type thoroughly before prescribing the perfect peel for you. As they are resurfacing peels there is no downtime, and very minimal shedding, meaning you can get back to your day to day life as soon as possible.

For your facial treatment come to our Beauty Salon in South Terrace, serving Fremantle, South Fremantle, Beaconsfield, Hilton, Coogee, North Coogee, White Gum Valley, HamiltonHill, WA and surrounding suburbs.

facials fremantle prices :

DermaQuest enzyme treatment80
DermaQuest resurfacing peel110