Kinks Fremantle are experts in waxing, particularly brazilian waxing or just brazilian. Our beauticians are very efficient, providing quick and thorough waxing and hair removal with meticulous attention to detail. We use natural wax products to remove hairs without irritation and discomfort.

Our waxing products include specific ingredients that help protect and hydrate sensitive skin. Using a combination of strip wax and hot wax we can target even the smallest and most sensitive areas for you.

Our waxing rooms are very comfortable, private and discreet.

Signature Eyebrow Waxing

Our signature eyebrow wax is designed to enhance your facial features and shape your eyebrows.

Upper Lip / Chin Waxing

Our waxing specialists use a gentle and careful wax application to safely remove unwanted hairs from the facial area.

Leg / Arm Waxing

By using our super effective roller strip wax we can have your arms and legs silky smooth and hair free.

Bikini / Brazilian Waxing

These are the most sensitive areas for waxing and require precision and very gentle application to minimise discomfort and irritation.

For all your waxing come to our Beauty Salon in South Terrace, serving Fremantle, South Fremantle, Beaconsfield, Hilton, Coogee, North Coogee, White Gum Valley, Hamilton Hill, WA and surrounding suburbs.

waxing fremantle prices

upper lip/chin10
under arm25
half leg/ full arm40
full leg60
half arm30
bikini linefrom 30
brazilianfrom 50