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Our Fremantle hairdressers use the latest techniques and products to create beautifully rich hair colours to suit any hair type. From blonde and balayage to beautiful brunette, our colour technicians are dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest hair colour trends and methods, ensuring our clients receive only the best results. All our hair colour treatments are available with Olaplex, the original hair strengthening treatment that works to support the health and strength of your locks whilst creating beautifully rich colour results!

Permanent colours

Kinks Fremantle offer a wide range of permanent hair colour options to help you achieve your desired look. Our permanent hair colours are long-lasting, rich, and provide a comprehensive colour treatment without compromising the natural shine of your hair. Our Lakmé hair colour products have a cream base and soy protein mix that works to support the shine, softness and health of your hair. These hair colour products are low in ammonia, PPD free, and offer maximum grey coverage.

Semi-permanent colours

At Kinks Fremantle, we use Lakmé’s high quality colour range. Lakmé’s ‘Gloss’ range is a PPD free, ammonia free, semi-permanent hair colouring system with 53 different shades to choose from. Enriched with jojoba oil, our Lakmé ‘Gloss’ is moisturising, gentle on the hair and provides the ultimate shine.


Olaplex is the original bond-multiplier treatment that works to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of damaged hair. Olaplex is a three-part process that repairs the broken bonds within your hair to take your locks back to a strong and healthy state. The first two stages of the process are performed in the salon in conjunction with your colour or chemical service, or as a standalone treatment. For the third part of the process, you will be given a take-home Professional Hair Perfector, which you should use once a week to further strengthen your hair. Olaplex is ideal for all hair types, and works to create longer-lasting colour with a flawless finish.



regrowth colour from 70

colour - short  85

colour - medium  100

colour - long or thick  from 125

regrowth + part foils  145

quarter  head foils from 80

half head foils  from 110 

full  head foils  from 170 

Olaplex No #1 + #2 + #3  from 70


men's colour from 60

Our professional hairdressers provide hair colour services to our clients in Fremantle, South Fremantle, Beaconsfield, Hilton, Coogee, North Coogee, White Gum Valley, Hamilton Hill, WA and surrounding suburbs.

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