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Kinks specialise in permanent hair straightening

At Kinks Fremantle, we promote the renowned Yuko Hair Straightening System as our permanent hair straightening treatment of choice.

Yuko Hair Straightening

The Yuko Hair Straightening System is a protein-enriched, permanent hair straightening treatment which works to create smooth, shiny and beautifully straight hair. This innovative product was founded in Japan and is now used in leading hair salons across the globe. Yuko Hair Straightening works brilliantly on most hair types and is gentle enough to be used on subtly highlighted hair.

No matter how unruly your hair, this innovative treatment will work to create luxuriously straight hair that is easy to manage and requires minimal styling on a day-to-day basis. The Yuko Hair Straightening treatment is also designed to recondition and maintain the health of the hair, ensuring your locks remain shiny, luxurious and soft to the touch.

At Kinks Fremantle, our permanent high straightening treatment includes the treatment itself, an end-of treatment trim, and take-home shampoo and conditioner products for at-home care.

Please allow for a ten minute in-salon consultation prior to your appointment.


Short  370
Medium  550
Long  from 700

Our professional hairdressers provide hair straightening services to our clients in Fremantle, South Fremantle, Beaconsfield, Hilton, Coogee, North Coogee, White Gum Valley, Hamilton Hill, WA and surrounding suburbs.

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