Using mineral makeup can transform how your skin looks and feels. Unlike traditional makeup which often works to cover up or cause imperfections and blemishes, studies have shown that mineral makeup works to improve your skin and fight acne causing bacteria instead of causing it.

If you’ve never jumped onto the mineral makeup bandwagon and are wondering where to start, this is your step by step guide to the top 5 mineral makeup products to build your collection, courtesy of the highly acclaimed mineral cosmetics brand Youngblood.

The benefits of mineral makeup

Makeup was initially formulated to mask the skin and form a layer to mask any imperfections. Over the decades, makeup has become more of an enhancement rather than a coverup, with natural beauty being all the rage.

Mineral makeup not only provide optimal coverage, but also leaves your skin looking natural with freckles and beauty spots still peaking through.

The benefits mineral makeup are endless, but one of the most notable is that it does wonders for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, dermatitis and eczema. If you suffer with any problem skin, you’ll understand the struggle of traditional makeup, where these formulas often cause cracking on the skin, dry patches, or irritation, which is not ideal.

Youngbloods mineral makeup is free from all synthetic ingredients, as well as talc and other fillers. Used only to enhance your natural skin rather than cover it. It is also non-comedogenic meaning this makeup will not block your pores, allowing the skin to breathe. This is especially important for those suffering with acne.

Whilst these products are on the skin, the minerals are actually working to improve your skin throughout the day. Think of it like a facial, while you are wearing makeup!

Youngblood mineral cosmetics

Youngblood specialises in clean luxury, where they care about the ingredients in their products and what you are putting onto your face.

Originally formulated for medical patients suffering from chemical peels, skin needling, cancer or surgeries, the creators wanted to find a mineral formula suitable for all skin types and textures.

Using ultra refined and 100% natural minerals using only the highest quality ingredients, Youngbloods formulated the perfect base to create a smoothing yet breathable and natural appearance, which heals the skin as it is being applied.

They go by their ethos of superior performance, pure luxury and 100% natural minerals, which labels their brand as the go to mineral makeup!

Youngbloods now sells almost any cosmetic product imaginable, from lips to cheeks to eyes and more. They’ve even created their own brushes and tools to enhance your mineral makeup application.

The must have products to start your collection

If you are starting fresh, here are the go to products you need from the Youngblood’s mineral cosmetics line to get your collection going.

Loose Natural Mineral Foundation

The best selling foundation/ concealer in the product range. With an extensive 17 shades, ranging from extra fair to extra dark and catering to all undertones. It’s no surprise that this product is well loved, with its buildable yet breathable coverage leaving the skin looking bright and radiant. This is the perfect base product to buy!

Mineral Radiance Powder

Talk about a triple threat! This product is your very own bronzer, blush and highlight all in the one. This product comes in 3 shades depending on the colour and tones of your skin, to brighten your skin and give you that sun kissed glow, even in the winter.  

Illuminator with Diamond Powder

This primer will have you radiant and glowy from the inside and out. Formulated with diamond powder, this luxurious product uses a hydrating formula to reflect the sun's rays and luminate your skin from underneath your foundation. You can even use this product on its own and embrace the natural glowy look.

Outrageous Lashes: full volume or lengthening

This mascara contains Vitamin B minerals to enhance the length of your natural lashes, no need for falsies! You can opt for the full volume or lengthening formula, either way, your lashes will thank you!

Colour Crays: sheer or matte

Enriched with Vitamin E, Youngblood’s crazy cray’s will have the perfect lip colour to finish off your look. Using an ultra moisturising formula, these lip colours are long lasting with a smooth application. Depending on your mood or the event, Youngblood’s has created either a sheer or matte lip, the choice is yours.

Try Youngbloods mineral collection for yourself at Kinks Beauty in Fremantle

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