Olaplex hair treatment is a three-part process that helps to repair the bonds in all types of hair, leaving your hair stronger and reducing damage. If you’re someone who’s been dyeing or highlighting your hair over many years or are wanting to boost the strength of your hair,  you’ve probably heard of Olpalex. The team at Kinks Hair & Beauty Salon use Olaplex hair treatment on those looking to restore their hair to a more durable and healthy condition. Here’s everything you need to know so that you can be confident and comfortable to choose Olaplex hair treatment. 

What is Olaplex Hair Treatment?

The Olaplex hair treatment is a bond-multiplier process that involves three different products aimed at getting your hair back into a healthy and strong condition. The first two of these products and the processes they involve are usually conducted in a professional hair salon, such as Kinks. The first product can be applied as you are getting a hair colour, or as a standalone service to help your hair.

Once your bleach has fully washed out, your Fremantle hairdresser will put on product number 2, which is a bond perfector. This is designed for chemical mending and is usually left on your hair for around 20 minutes to ensure you get the most use out of it. 

The third step is in your hands, and you’ll want to make sure you head out the doors of the salon with the necessary products. At Kinks, our team will give you the Professional Hair Protector to take home, so that you can use this once a week to help build the strength in your hair. 

Olaplex Hair Perfector

What Type of Hair Damage Does Olaplex Hair Treatment Help?

The Olaplex hair treatment is suitable for all types of hair, from curly to straight and everything in between. It’s also made to treat hair that has been damaged as a result of a number of different factors. For example, hair that’s been damaged over time from consistent high heat levels of curling irons or blowdryers can be restored to their former strength with Olpalex. 

Likewise, hair that’s undergone quite a bit of chemical treatment, colour treatment or simply been exposed to some extreme environmental factors can benefit from using Olaplex. Even if your hair hasn’t been damaged or received any colouring treatment, Olaplex can be great for protecting the hair against any future treatments you may receive. 

Kinks Hair & Beauty - Hair Colouring Fremantle 

The specialist hair colourists at Kinks Hair & Beauty in Fremantle are all trained to use and are well experienced with Olaplex hair treatment. Having used it on a range of different hair types, we’re confident in its ability to bring life and strength back to all kinds of damaged hair. We offer the treatment as a package price and you’re more than welcome to get in contact to ask us more about the treatment process itself. 

You can book in a consultation with us so we may assess whether the Olaplex hair treatment would be beneficial for your particular situation. You can call us on (08) 9335 6806, book an appointment online, or just drop by our salon.