Wedding days are intended to be special days of celebration, bringing family and friends together to celebrate love. Unfortunately, people can get so tied up in the planning process and stress of the event that they often forget about the true meaning of the day itself. If you have your beauty and hairdo taken care of, you can completely enjoy the occasion to the fullest, being confident in the way that you look on the day. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or a guest, the team at Kinks Hair and Beauty Salon in Fremantle have compiled the top 5 reasons to hire a hair and beauty professional for your spring wedding.

Reduce the stress

Although we try to avoid it at all costs, stress is inevitable on the wedding day, particularly for brides and bridesmaids who want to look at their absolute best. However, stress kills all beauty leaving you looking dull and exhausted. It is for this reason that you’ll want to be doing everything that you can to help alleviate as much stress as possible.

If you have to do your own hair and makeup on the day, not only are you placing unnecessary stress on yourself to achieve your perfect look, but you’ll also need to allow extra time to get it to a level where you are happy. Leaving the job to a professional saves you valuable time and effort, so you can focus on the other important elements of your day, whilst you’re having the work done.

Hire Beauty Professional for Your Wedding

Using Professional Products

While we all have our ultimate go-to products at home to make us look fresh and ready for the day, hairdressers and beauty salons have professional grade products for every occasion. When hair and beauty specialists do your entire face makeup and hairstyle you are left more confident that they will last you the entire day. Kinks always use professional products to ensure a top quality finish on every client we work on. We also use the Youngblood Cosmetics brand that is better for your skin, and also suitable for those with more sensitive skin.

Use Professional Beauty Products

Achieve that “Natural Look”

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to achieve that wonderful and glowing “natural look” that you’ve been trying so hard to achieve. Leaving that delicate and important process to the hair and beauty professionals at Kinks will make you look stunning for that spring wedding. As part of our bridal packages, we offer a pre-trial and consultation procedure to discuss through your ideas and wishes for the day, so we can create the ultimate look to suit your needs.

Professional Techniques and Experience

It goes without saying that possessing the experience and professional techniques in the hair and beauty world can completely elevate your look for one of the most important days of your life. Without the relevant skills and experience in hair and beauty for weddings, it’s very hard to achieve the optimum look that you were hoping for. As a testament to the many years of experience under our belts, the Kinks team understands the ways in which we can highlight your prominent features and ensure we are applying specialty products in a beneficial way.

Kinks Salon make sure to take care of your beauty and hair do on your wedding day. Our consultations also involve a discussion of the style of wedding, the overall look or dress that you are going to wear, and the timing requirements of the day.  This allows us to apply only the most appropriate techniques and products that will match your whole look as well as your unique features.

Hair and Beauty Professional

Beautiful memories captured forever

Without a doubt, we know that you’ll spend most of the day posing for all sorts of different photos to make your big wedding day picture perfect. We also know that you’ll want to be looking flawless so you can happily look back upon all these photos in years to come. Kinks Hair and Beauty can help with contouring techniques that allow for the illusion of depth in your photos, adding an important layer to all angles of photography.

Kinks Hair and Beauty Salon in Fremantle

Now that you’ve learnt the benefits of having a hair and beauty professional for your spring wedding, you can now book an appointment! Our bridal hair and makeup packages are available for everyone, helping to create a wonderful and carefree look for your special day. We are more than happy to accommodate for specific or customised looks, no matter if you want lashes just for the day, or your hair washed, blow-dried and curled. Plus, we also offer a 20% discount for brides of 2 or more, so don’t delay any longer and book your consultation today.