Mineral makeup has become a huge part of the cosmetics universe since it was invented by Diane Ranger in the 1970s. Prioritising natural ingredients, mineral makeup is a lifesaver for those who have sensitive skin. Today, there’s a wide range of makeup brands claiming to be ‘mineral’ - but what exactly does that mean? Here’s the lowdown on mineral makeup and how it can benefit your skin.

Mineral makeup uses natural ingredients

The main difference between mineral makeup and mainstream makeup is what is left out rather than what is added. High-quality mineral makeup uses less ingredients than commercially produced makeup, and these ingredients are derived from naturally occurring materials. Most traditional makeup brands contain a wide range of binders, fillers, chemical dyes, fragrances, and chemical preservatives, which can irritate skin and clog pores. Thankfully, none of these ingredients will be found in mineral makeup, which leads to the next point.

Mineral makeup is gentle on your skin

While mineral makeup is generally more gentle on any skin type, it’s particularly beneficial for anyone who experiences rosacea or who has sensitive or acne-prone skin. It conceals any skin issues while sitting on the surface of your skin instead of being absorbed by it, which can lead to clogged pores and irritation. Mineral makeup allows your skin to breathe due to its use of natural pigments such as Mica. Basically, you don’t need to worry about falling into that all too familiar cycle of wearing makeup to cover your irritated skin, only to have this makeup cause more irritation!

There is still a wide range of options

Just because mineral makeup is a more natural and ethical alternative doesn’t mean it compromises on its range of options. Regardless of your skin colour or skin type, you’re bound to find products that work for you. For example, at Kinks Hair & Beauty, we swear by Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Their range of face products boasts 50 shades, meaning you’ll be hard-pressed not to find the perfect shade for you.

Some mineral makeup brands rely on Zinc Oxide as a key ingredient; however, Youngblood stays away from this as it can be incompatible with dry skin. Its entire makeup range is formulated from elements derived from the earth’s minerals. We particularly love Youngblood’s Liquid Mineral Foundation which will nourish and hydrate your skin due to its deep-sea mineral water, calendula, and green tea.

At Kinks Hair & Beauty, we care about your skin

At Kinks Hair & Beauty, our expert team prioritise the health of your skin. While we pride ourselves on our knowledge of both the latest beauty trends and classic makeup looks, we will also ensure that we’re doing what’s best for your skin. That’s why our Fremantle makeup artists exclusively use Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics to create the beauty look of your dreams, regardless of any skin issues you may have. All of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics' products are highly pigmented and we can still achieve a full coverage look, meaning you don't have to worry about compromising on the quality of your makeup by switching to mineral. Book your next appointment with Kinks Hair & Beauty, or contact us through our website or by calling (08) 9335 6806.