With autumn officially upon us, why not mirror the changing of the leaves and spice up your hair colour? As a transitional season, autumn is the perfect time to start winding down and preparing for the cool, cosy month of winter. This autumn, we’re obsessing over the various shades of the colour copper. The middle ground between red and brunette, copper is rich, unique, and multi-dimensional. Here are our favourite copper-based shades that will be dominating the hair trends this autumn.

How to choose the right copper shade for you

With the plethora of copper shades options available in the market, how are you supposed to know which one is right for you? After all, copper can be warm and rich or light and soft, and some shades run the risk of washing out certain people.

Choosing your hair color completely depends on your skin tone - or to be more specific, your undertones. As a general rule, if you have a fair or warm skin tone, you will look best with warm copper colours and highlights. Alternatively, if you have a dark or cool skin tone, cool copper shades with hints of violet or ruby to them will have you looking like a million bucks. If you are unsure about what copper shade will look best on you, work with your hairdresser to come up with a custom shade that works perfectly for you.

Copper hair inspiration

Copper strawberry blonde

Copper strawberry blonde - Kinks Hair & Beauty
Courtesy of Pinterest

Copper strawberry blonde is an excellent way of making your foray into copper less intimidating. This shade is ideal for paler skin tones with pink undertones, as the strawberry blonde tones actually neutralise the pink out of the complexion.

Copper rose gold

Copper rose gold hair - Kinks Hair & Beauty
Courtesy of Pinterest

Copper rose gold is a legendary color and It’s no surprise to see rose gold make yet another appearance on this list; rose gold is surprisingly versatile with all types of hair colours and shows no signs of going out of trend anytime soon. Copper rose gold also works wonders with fair skin with pink tones, as it can create a rosy glow. It also makes blue eyes pop.

Golden copper

Golden copper hair - Kinks Hair & Beauty
Courtesy of Pinterest

For people with light to medium skin look stunning with multi-dimensional hair colours that incorporate various shades. Golden copper is perfect for light to medium skin with yellow undertones, as it can brighten the complexion and highlight the warm in the skin.

Copper balayage

Copper balayage hair - Kinks Hair & Beauty
Courtesy of Pinterest

Balayage is a clever way of experimenting with a new hair colour without fully committing to it. In addition to being effortlessly on trend, balayage is low maintenance and easy to grow out if needed. Copper balayage looks stunning with a brunette base and is the perfect transseasonal autumn colour.

Find the perfect autumn shade for you with Kinks Hair & Beauty

At Kinks Hair & Beauty, our expert team prides itself on its knowledge of the latest hair trends and colouring techniques. This means that our Fremantle hairdressers are passionate about working with you to find your perfect colour, style, and cut. To find the perfect autumn shade for you, book your appointment with Kinks Hair & Beauty through our website or by calling us on (08) 9335 6806.

Cover image courtesy of Teen Vogue.