Whilst luscious locks are nothing to complain about, thick hair can pose its fair share of challenges in the styling department. Although great for creating a voluminous look, blow drying and styling thicker hair can prove a difficult feat when there’s simply so much of it! As with any hair type, the key to taming unruly hair is to know the right ways to make it behave. Here are Kinks’ top tips for controlling thick and frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair maintenance tips

Don’t overdo the washes

Regular shampooing is essential for the overall health and cleanliness of your hair, but too much of a good thing isn’t always good! Whilst shampooing is important for removing built-up hair products and fending off grease, it’s not something you need to be doing everyday - especially if you have thick hair. Why? Washing your hair too regularly will strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving your locks dry and hard to manage. Leaving it a little longer between washes can help keep your thick hair moisturised and shiny, ensuring it’s easier to style when it comes time to hit the town.

Keep it trimmed

Regular trips to your local hairdresser are an important part of any hair maintenance routine, but keeping the locks trimmed and tidy is especially important for ladies with thicker hair. Saying goodbye to your dead ends every six to eight weeks will cut down unwanted frizz and help tame any strays to ensure your hair behaves the way you’d like it to.

Use the right hair products

The key to ensuring your locks behave is knowing which styling products work for your hair type. For ladies with thicker locks, we recommend Evo’s Mane Tamer Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. As well as smoothing and strengthening thick and unruly hair, these products have the added benefit of smelling AMAZING. Combine with Lockdown Smoothing Treatment and Easy Tiger Smoothing Balm for a smooth, shiny and manageable finish!

Parade the braid

If you need a quick fix to tame thick hair or don’t have the products you need at hand, textured braiding is a fast and stylish solution to keep unruly hair in check. Ideal for both casual and formal events, a braided updo will help you hold back the frizz whilst ensuring you keep your hairstyle chic.

Fight the frizz with Yuko Hair Straightening

If you’re looking for a way to tame your thick hair on a more permanent basis, Yuko Hair Straightening could provide the frizz-fighting solution you need. This innovative permanent hair straightening system is ideal for ladies hoping to embrace a sleeker look, but can also work wonders for those seeking a low maintenance way to simply ‘relax’ their unruly locks.

Get yourself a good hairstylist!

Most importantly, getting a good hairstylist is the best way to keep your hair looking on trend and in control. An expert hairstylist will know which hairstyle best suits your hair type, and will be able to adapt your cut to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

At Kinks Hair & Beauty Salon, our Fremantle hairdressers have a wealth of experience in the hairstyling industry. Whether you’re after a precision cut, a taming hair treatment, or advice on the best hair care rituals for you, our expert hairdressers can provide the advice and expertise you need to look after your locks!

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