After months of hiding your mop under a beanie, your strands will finally have their day in the sun now the summer season has swung back around.

The cold weather has a tendency to dry out your hair and starve it of nutrients, especially if it has been hidden under your faithful woollen hat for longer than you care to admit.

Spring is the perfect time to repent on your hair sins and give your mane the TLC it deserves.

A trip to our South Fremantle hair salon is the perfect remedy, as we regain control of your wayward locks and have you striding out the door with a fresh new style to suit the season.

Why not try these trending summer styles on for size?

Buzz cut

If you really want to start fresh, why not take it all off? This extremely low maintenance look is a far cry from the longer lock you may have worn through the colder months, but still makes a bold statement.

This tried and tested, military-inspired look is the perfect style for daring gents wanting to flaunt their facial features to full effect.

The buzz cut is best suited to men with oval or rectangle shaped faces, so make sure your facial structure is suited to the look before taking the plunge.

Go ultra-short all over, sport a more grown out look or leave length on top - it is all about finding a variation that suits your proportions.

Buzz cut hairstyle for summer 2019

Mid-length mane

Long luscious locks have been the staple hairstyle for the past couple of years and summer 2019 is no exception.

Best arranged in tousled and choppy waves, this long hair style is trendy and adaptable - whether pulled or slicked back, dramatically parted or worn in a textured devil-may-care fashion.

Even if you are going for the laid-back “woke up like this” look, it is important to keep your long hair healthy.

Blow-drying is a typical culprit when it comes to hair damage, so simply allow to air-dry naturally or spritz with a thermal styling spray for added protection before applying heat.

Towel-drying is also one of the biggest causes of breakage in men’s long hair. To combat this, shake out any excess hair and stroke with a towel in the direction it grows, rather than vigorously in all directions. Investing in a micro-fibre towel can also assist.

If you are tying your mane back into a ponytail or man bun, ensure it is not held too tightly - this can potentially cause traction alopecia (hair loss) or cause hair to frizz and break.

Don’t forget to book in for regular hair cuts with our Fremantle hairdressers to trim off the dead ends and keep your locks shiny and strong.

Mid length mane hairstyle for summer 2019


With hollywood heavyweights Leo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Chris Pine and Ryan Reynolds sporting this iconic hairstyle, it is no surprise the humble quiff has remained one of the most influential and enduring hair styles.

This timeless cut can be worn in a multitude of ways to suit style; whether you are after a structured pompadour-esque look à la Bruno Mars or the sexy slick back worn so well by David Beckham.

90s inspired curtains

No longer just a memory, this notorious style has been borrowed straight from the 90s boy bands and given a fresh modern twist.

This trending style ditches the copious amounts of hair gel in favour of loose, carefree waves.

When the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp, Timothee Chamalet and Brad Pitt are sporting this style, it’s not hard to see why it has caught on so quickly.  

It is best to bring in a photo of the style you want to assist your stylist in transforming your hair. Take into account your hair length and texture before making the final decision.

Modern curtain hairstyle for summer 2019

French Crop

The ultimate, classic hairstyle for men is the French chop. This neat haircut is low-maintenance, and perfect for the guy on the go.

For those with receding hairlines or fine hair, this is an ideal hairstyle as it features short sides, length on top and a longer fringe.

For a no fuss clean cut look, go for the classic French Crop style with clipped hair at the back and sides to provide a subtle, sharp look.

For those with a little more time in the morning, go for a textured french chop by keeping the hair on top long to medium in length. Apply a small amount of pomade and work through the hair for a tousled look.

Time to sharpen up?

Our Fremantle hairstylists specialise in classic and contemporary haircuts for men.

Whether you’re looking to sharpen up with a simple trim or change your style completely, our Fremantle hairdressers can tailor a cut to suit your preferences and educate you on how to maintain your look at home.

Kinks Hair and Beauty’s men’s hair services range from a basic clipper cut to a complete cut, style, wash and scalp massage. Go all out to repair your winter-damaged hair by adding a conditioning treatment.

Book an appointment for your next haircut at our South Fremantle hair salon.

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