From short and sleek to the stunning pixie cut, we’ve seen many women wave goodbye to their longer locks in recent years in favour of a shorter, stylish do. Whether you’re ready for a change, fed up of longer locks or looking for a low-maintenance way to avoid the lengthy blow-drying saga, opting for a short and stylish hairstyle could be the answer to your beauty needs. If you’re ready to rock the crop, here are five short hairstyles for women that are sure to stun.

The pixie cut

Jamie Lee Curtis - short pixie haircut
Photo courtesy of eonline

Going for the chop can be a little daunting, but if you’re truly committed to the short cut, there’s no point doing things by half measures! If you’re ready to take your shorter hairstyle to new extremes, there’s no looking past the iconic pixie cut. Sported by the likes of Katy Perry and Jamie Lee Curtis, this shorter hairstyle suits ladies of all ages, and is the perfect style to draw attention to those stunning cheekbones. For a subtle twist on this shorter hairdo, combine with curls for a textured finish.

Sleek bob cut

Sleek bob cut - short hairstyles for women
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Simple and sleek has made a big comeback in recent years with the renewed popularity of the high ponytail and super straight locks, and  it seems shorter dos are no exception to this growing hair trend. Once sported by Victoria Beckham in the form of the infamous lob, blunt bob cuts are set to be all the rage in 2018. To give this super sleek look a little more definition, opt for a subtle graduated bob instead of an even length.

Short waves

Jenna Tatum - short wavy hair cut
Image courtesy of byrdie

Short hairstyles are just as versatile as longer dos, so if sleek and straight isn’t your style, try opting for this wavy twist on the traditional bob cut. Rocked by the gorgeous Jenna Dewan Tatum, this look will add the right type of maturity to your look and instantly makes the face appear thinner. For the best results, opt for soft curls that sit just above the shoulders to achieve the desired face-framing effect.

Shoulder length with blonde balayage

Blonde balayage  - short hairstyles for women

For a gorgeous take on the shoulder-length style, try incorporating a subtle blonde balayage into your new, shorter do. This will help add dimension and depth to your hair, creating additional lift for ladies with finer locks. For the full ‘face-framing’ effect, choose a lighter shade of blonde for strands around the face.

Textured crop

textured crop - short haircuts for women
Image courtesy of Fashiotopia

Whether you’re growing out a pixie cut or not quite ready to go all for short, this cropped cut could be the perfect compromise. Whilst keeping it shorter at the back, the locks are left longer at the top and subtly curled to add fullness and create these gorgeously textured results. Incorporate blonde highlights to add a little more dimension to this already beautiful look.

Asymmetrical pixie

Asymmetrical pixie cut - short hairstyles for women
Image courtesy of bestofstyle

If you’re looking for something a little different from the traditional pixie cut, adding an asymmetrical twist will help you achieve a completely different (and let’s face it - stunning) result. This variation on the popular pixie features longer locks that are swept to one side, with a shorter cut on the other. This look is ideal for ladies who like to experiment with their locks, as straightening or curling the hair will give two very different results. If you’re looking to really push the boundaries, combine this do with a subtle pink pastel hair colour for a dose of pink perfection!

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