From questionable bowl cuts to that infamous 80s mullet, men’s hair trends have had their highs and lows in the past few decades, but it looks like the modern man may have finally found his footing. Whether you’re looking to up your grooming game or after a simple re-style for a sharper overall look, here are Kinks’ top picks for modern men’s hair trends in 2018.

Short back and sides

short back and sides - Kinks Fremantle

Some men’s haircuts never go out of style, and that’s certainly the case with this popular classic. Versatile, low maintenance and easy to style, the modern man can benefit from taking it basic to basics with short back and sides. Whilst shorter sides help to create a distinctively sharp look, keeping it a little longer up top leaves plenty of room for additional styling. Don’t be fooled by this ‘generic’ classic - there’s a lot you can do with this look when you have the right styling advice and product expertise from an experienced men’s hairdresser.

Leave it long

Man bun - men's hairstyling

Longer hair has become a growing men’s hair trend in recent years (pardon the pun), and this longer look works really well with a well-groomed beard or ‘designer stubble’.  Whether you’re opting for the surfer style with a lengthier cut and blends of blonde, or looking to embrace the ever-dividing man bun, there are plenty of options for modern men to embrace and style their longer locks.

The side part

Men's side part - men's hairstyles

For a sophisticated adaption of the short back and sides, try styling up your locks on top with a classic side part. This is a great way to add some structure and texture to your hairstyle whilst keeping your look slick and in control. For a traditional version, keep it simple with with the classic combover, or add some additional texture by creating a side part with wavy hair.

The modern quiff

Quiff- men's haircuts

The man’s quiff is another classic cut that continues to brave the ages as we make our through the the 2010s.  It’s fair to say this hairstyle has undergone a modern evolution since Elvis Presley’s  50’s quiff, with the modern take featuring similar height, but a lot more shape and a little less on the sides. This look works well for both shorter and longer hair, and can be worn by modern men of all ages.

The modern pompadour

pompadour - men's haircut

A slight variation on the modern man’s quiff, the modern pompadour is still focused on volume, but features a more slicked back approach than its forward-facing counterpart. This timeless look can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the level of volume you’re after, and is a great way to transform a casual hairdo into more of a formal affair.

Expert hairdressing for men

Whether you’re after a classic or contemporary cut, the Fremantle hairdressers at Kinks provide a range of hairstyling and colouring services for the modern day gent. As well as keeping you in style with our expertise in men’s haircuts, our experienced men’s hair stylists can provide the hair styling advice you need to keep you looking sharp outside the salon.

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