No industry was left unaffected by the global coronavirus pandemic, with the beauty world being significantly impacted by the virus. Unfortunately, many stores, beauty salons, and other places of treatment were closed down temporarily, driving businesses into the online sphere. Hairdressers and beauty salons in Fremantle were no exception to this, as the city closed up shop to help limit the spread of COVID-19. However, the pandemic has really highlighted the resilience of the beauty industry and its ability to adaptability towards rapidly changing circumstances. This blog will be looking at how the beauty industry responded to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as how we at Kinks Salon, as a hairdresser in Fremantle, survived the lockdown.

Virtual consultations

With cities around the world going into lockdown, many different hairdressers and beauty salons turned to video conferencing apps such as Zoom to keep providing assistance. These virtual consultations allowed for the beauty industry to continue to operate, providing a safe and effective way for professionals to interact with and provide consultation to clients. The same goes for popular beauty industry events, in which people could participate in the event in an online community or group call.

DIY Solutions

Without the aid of any in-store beauty or hair treatments, many businesses and clients moved into a more Do It Yourself approach. Certain businesses in the beauty industry produced innovative DIY products or special packages that they could offer to their customers. This allowed for clients to apply the products themselves without having to enter a traditional store for their treatment.

How the Beauty Industry Responded to Coronavirus Pandemic

The Rise of TikTok

Whether you love it or you hate it, you simply cannot ignore the power of the social media giant TikTok in these uncertain times. The first quarter of 2020 saw the app receiving 315 million downloads, which was the best quarter for any app in history. The beauty industry has embraced the social platform, as it provides a space for influencers and brands alike to showcase certain products, styles and techniques to an ever growing audience.

Do It Yourself Approach

Hairdressers in Fremantle breaking into the Ecommerce industry

The beauty salons, brands or businesses that previously did not have any focus in the ecommerce world had to find ways to pivot their strategy in order to take advantage of the thriving online space. The team at Kinks Hair and Beauty Salon in Fremantle moved into selling products online, which was something that we did not have too much experience in prior to the lockdown. We also spent more time on our social media, providing important updates to our customers, and also investing more in creating a welcoming and supportive community for our valued clients.

Social distancing was enforced right from the onset at Kinks Hair and Beauty Salon. Thanks to our beautifully large space, we could accommodate a large number of clients with the necessary precautions in maintaining appropriate distancing in the hair and beauty departments. We also intensified  our cleaning and sanitation procedures to ensure we maintained our clean and hygienic space for our customers.

Thanks to the hard work of the state, the lifting of restrictions means that now we are able to offer our full services to all our customers at Kinks Salon. More than ever it’s time to support hairdressers in Fremantle, and other small businesses, so we can get back on the path of realising our full potential as West Australians.