Just because winter is on its way doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your summer glow. Regardless of the season, spray tans are an effective and safe way of looking effortlessly bronzed all year round. At Kinks Hair & Beauty, our Fremantle beauty therapists use Naked Tan spray tanning products, which are guaranteed to give you the seamless, natural tan of your dreams. In order to get the most out of your spray tan, it’s essential that you take the appropriate steps before and after. Here are our top tips on how to make your spray tan last.

Exfoliate at least 12 hours before your tan

While exfoliation is an important step before your spray tan, there is such a thing as exfoliating too much. Try not to excessively exfoliate in the days leading up to your tan, as your dead skin is what DHA, the tanning agent, clings onto. Therefore, we recommend that you gently exfoliate 12 hours before your spray tan and then leave your skin free of any moisturiser, lotion or oil. When exfoliating, take extra care with your knees and elbows, as these areas tend to absorb more tan and thus can turn out darker.

Remove any unwanted hair

If you wish to remove any hair before your spray tan, this also needs to be carefully timed. If you are shaving, we recommend that you do so at least 24 hours before, as shaving can strip the skin and leave pores open, which can result in the spray solution settling in the pores and looking noticeable. Similarly, if you are waxing, try to do so at least a few days prior as wax can leave a barrier on the skin that can prevent the tan from properly penetrating your skin.

Wear loose-fitting clothes

On the day of your spray tan, wear loose-fitting, flowy clothes that you aren’t afraid to get tan on. If possible, go braless, as bra straps are notorious for rubbing against your skin and resulting in patchiness while the tan is still developing. In terms of footwear, thongs are ideal to avoid awkward streaks on your feet.

Don’t shower for roughly two to four hours

We recommend that you refrain from getting your skin wet for at least two to four hours. After this, keep your showers short and at a cool temperature, and avoid baths. We recommend that you use a shower gel rather than a soap product, as soap can dry out your skin, potentially causing your tan to fade faster. At Kinks Hair & Beauty, we stock a full range of Naked Tan aftercare products, including Naked Tan’s Body Wash and Body Cleanser which are perfect for your post-tan shower routine.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Regularly moisturising is key to ensuring that your glow lasts. After you shower and at least twice a day, moisturise from head to toe with Naked Tan’s Body Moisturiser, which is available from Kinks Hair & Beauty. Alternatively, you can use an oil-free formula or a natural oil such as coconut or almond oil. Refrain from using an oil-heavy formula, as this will compromise the lifespan of your spray tan.

Naked Tan spray tanning products are available from Kinks Hair & Beauty

At Kinks Hair & Beauty, our Fremantle beauty therapists only offer the best services and products, meaning we are proud to use Naked Tan spray tanning products. Naked Tan is the pioneer of the original two-hour wash and wear philosophy, giving flawless and natural spray tans in four different shades. Naked Tan spray tanning products are made from aloe vera and other natural ingredients, and are free of parabens, sulphates, and alcohol. To achieve a natural, gorgeous glow all year round, book an appointment for a spray tan with Kinks Hair & Beauty through our website or by calling (08) 9335 6806.