Contrary to the name, it takes a lot of effort to achieve the seemingly effortless “messy” bun. It’s easy to go wrong with this hairstyle - go too messy, and you could be taking the tousled look a little bit too far, or go too tight and risk missing the mark completely (hello ballerina bun). The perfect messy bun should be the right balance of chic and  “I woke up like this”. Here are some top tips from our Fremantle hairdressers on how to perfect the messy  bun in a few simple steps.

High messy bun - Fremantle hairstyling
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Tip One: Apply the right products

Achieving the perfect hairstyle always starts with choosing the right hair products, and the messy bun is no exception. To create the perfect volume and texture for your effortlessly messy feat, apply a mousse, sea salt spray or texture powder into your hair before you start styling (depending on which product is at your disposal).

Mousse - If you’re opting for a mousse, apply the product to wet hair and blast dry for the perfect level of volume. At Kinks, we use Whip It Good Styling Mousse by Evo as our product of choice.

Sea Salt Spray - A texturising sea salt spray is another way to give your hair the fullness and finish required for styling. For best results, spray in either wet or dry hair and scrunch to achieve the right texture for the steps that follow. Our Fremantle hair stylists recommend Salty Dog by Evo as our go-to salt spray.

Texture powder -  If you’re using a power to pump up the volume, simply tap the product through the roots and ends of dry hair, then tousle for the perfect finish.

Tip Two: Don’t overdo it!

The secret to nailing the messy bun is not to overthink it. Remember this look is meant to appear effortless - so don’t risk ruining your new do by striving for perfection. Start by tying your locks into a reasonably tight lackie for support (don’t worry about creating the perfectly primed do - it’s called messy for a reason!), then gently tease random pieces out. This will help you achieve the subtly tousled texture you need to avoid that super slick look. Finish off by securing any lose sections with a bobby pin to ensure you don’t take the meaning of ‘messy’ a little too far.

Tip Three: Choose how you wear it

The messy bun is a really versatile look that can be worn both high or low depending on how you feel on the day. Take it high if you’re looking to draw the hair off the face to show off those beautiful cheekbones, or wear it low with face-framing strands to add a little mystery to your look and create the appearance of a narrower face.

Tip Four: Pair with your favourite dangles

And of course, no bun is ever complete without some ear bling to match! Top off your new do by teaming your bun with a pair of dangly or tassel earrings to help frame the face and create the perfect finish for your look.

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