While fringes are a fun and flirty way to shake up your look for spring, there is plenty you should know before undergoing the snip at your next salon appointment.

Although they are a quick and easy way to give your hair a major update, they require plenty of maintenance to keep them looking their best.  

From style choices based on your face shape, to taking you hair texture into account, here is everything you need to know before taking the plunge.

Never cut your own fringe

This should go without saying, but it is important to never cut your own bangs (as this woman learned the hard way), even if you are feeling confident because you have flaunted this hairstyle before.

While they may seem simple, cutting a fringe is a work of art and is something better left to a seasoned professional with years of training.

After all, a dodgy cut which is showcased at the front of your face is difficult to hide - it will be a long wait to grow it out again!

Consider your face shape

Everyone can pull off bangs, but not everyone can pull off each and every style they have saved to their Pinterest board.

Your face shape is a large determination on which style will suit you best - and which styles are a no go zone.

Round Shape

Round Shape Fringe Cut

The most flattering style for a round face is a sweeping side fringe, with the length sitting just below your cheekbone to elongate your face. A curtain-style fringe with pieces falling either side of your part is also a complementary face-framing style for this shape.  


Oval Fringe Cut

This face shape can pull off the full and super blunt fringe, which works to emphasise your eyes and cheekbones.


Heart Shaped Fringe Cut

It is hard to put a foot wrong if you have a heart-shaped face, as most styles, including arched, short or full fringes will suit your features. However, your most ideal look will be feathered and choppy, with the shortest pieces landing on the arch of your brows, and the longer pieces resting on the outer corner of your eyes.


Square Fringe Cut

Much like those with round faces, soft and layered sweeping bangs will accentuate your more angular face shape, while also showing off your amazing bone structure.

If you are unsure, the experts at Kinks Hair and Beauty are more than happy to offer their advice in a consultation.

Take into account your hair texture


Curls - Fringe Haircut

Girls with beautiful natural curls don’t have to miss out, as it is definitely possible to pull off a curly fringe.

Just be sure to let our fremantle hairdressers know ahead of time, to ensure the right stylist is ready to transform your curly locks at your appointment.

A good trick is not to let the fringe grow below the brows, and as for styling, comb the bangs down and applying styling gel.

Once dry, smooth down the ends with a small flat iron - but do not straighten.

Fine Hair

Fine Hair Fringe Haircut

If you are set on a full fringe with fine hair, your stylist can make it happen by using a section of your hair from further back to give added weight.

Alternatively, if you are not sure a wispy full fringe is right for you, try a more side-swept or curtain bang look.


Cowlicks can be tricky, but they are not impossible to work with when it comes to styling a fringe. Curtain fringes are a flattering style as opposed to a full fringe which may be more tricky to manage, but it is worth speaking to your stylist from the Kinks team to find what will work best for your hair.

The micro fringe

Micro Fringe Cut

Micro fringes, also known as Euro fringes, can range from edgy to vintage - but are not for the faint of heart.

This style is certainly not wash and wear and will require some extra TLC each morning with heat style, a blow dry or some styling powder tussled through.

This style is best pulled off by those with oval or round faces, while heart shaped faces can pull them off if they don’t go too short. It is best to stay well clear if you have a square face or a cowlick.


Dry shampoo will be your new best friend, as touching your fringe will produce excess oil. A quick spritz will help keep your volume and stop the hair from separating during the day,

As your bangs will become a focal point, it is important to maintain the shape and length with regular visits to the salon. Clean up appointments are quick and easy, and will keep the strands from looking unruly - not to mention annoying, if they are getting in your eyes.

Growing it out

This is a simple matter of waiting it out, but most bangs should grow out within 4 months. Keep up your trips to the salon to blend the growing locks into the hair at the sides of your face.

Ready for the chop?

If you are ready to walk into the new season with a major change, the expert hair stylists at Kinks Hair and Beauty are ready to transform your look with the perfect fringe hair cut.

Our Fremantle hairdressers are up-to-date with the latest styling trends and techniques, and can help you discover a signature hairstyle to match your lifestyle and personality.

Book your next appointment at our South Fremantle hair salon online or by calling 9335 6806.