While the transformative power of good lashes and brows is certainly no secret, the past few years have seen a resurgence in the attention given to these facial features. With services such as lash lifts and henna brow tints in high demand, your brows and lashes have never been so spoilt for choice. So why exactly are good brows and lashes so fundamental to your overall look?

Good eyebrows create definition and symmetry

Most of us have our own eyebrow-related scary experiences, whether that’s overplucking them the day before school photos or accidentally rocking the ‘caterpillars’ in high school. For two strips of hair, your eyebrows hold a lot of power. They are one of your most important facial features because they frame the eyes, which in turn shapes your face. They are also one of the first features that people notice about you.

Good brows create a sleek, polished appearance without any need for makeup. Brows that have been carefully shaped to suit your face will create the illusion of a facelift and largen your eyes. This is why you should take good care of your brows by regularly trimming, shaping, and filling them.

When it comes to brows, there’s no such thing as one shape fits all. At Kinks Hair & Beauty, our Fremantle beauty therapists are passionate about finding the perfect brow style for you. We even offer a range of brow services, from your failsafe brow waxes for those needing some simple maintenance, to henna brow tints for those looking for a more long-term solution.

Good eyelashes widen and brighten your eyes

Just like brows, Eyelashes do a lot for us; it’s easy to forget that they are essentially the guardian angels of our eyes, stopping dirt, dust and other irritants from entering our eyes. However, the importance of eyelashes extends beyond their biological function.

Long, defined eyelashes can make a world of difference for your face by opening your eyes and creating a refreshed, bright appearance. This is because dark eyelashes emphasise the white of your eyes (the sclera) and the dark ring around your iris (the limbal ring). Long eyelashes also emphasise movement around your eyes every time you blink and gaze, which will hold the attention of the viewer.

At Kinks Hair & Beauty, our Fremantle beauty therapists offer lash tints to create the appearance of thick, dark lashes, and lash lifts to elongate your lashes for up to ten weeks. We also offer lash extensions with fortnightly refills and stick-on lashes. Regardless of which service you choose, our lash services will leave you with effortlessly long, thick lashes without any need for mascara.

At Kinks Hair & Beauty, we offer a range of brow and lash services

Whether you’re looking for wonderfully shaped eyebrows or thick lashes, our Fremantle beauty therapists are dedicated to finding the perfect shape and colour for your lashes and brows. We offer a number of different services depending on your needs, from waxes and tints to sculpting packages. For more information about our brow and lash services or to book your next appointment with our Fremantle beauty therapists, contact Kinks Hair & Beauty through our website or call (08) 9335 6806.

Cover image courtesy of Simply Sona.