Keep your locks radiant with our summer hair care routine

As we come alive to seek out the sun, we need to take a couple of moments to prepare our silky locks from the harshness of the sun, salt and sand that comes with the season.

Living along the pristine coast in Fremantle, it is part of our lifestyle to spend our summers stretched out on the white sand and taking a refreshing dip in the ocean - especially when the mercury continuously hits 40 degrees!

While we have a refreshed outlook on life, our hair might be feeling the heat - literally.

It is not impossible to keep your tresses in premium condition over the summer months, it just requires some extra thought, some help from a few miracle products and your trusted Fremantle hairdresser at Kinks Hair and Beauty.

Stay Trim

Refresh your style and say goodbye to the dead ends with a trim from your hair stylist in Fremantle. Wear and tear will leave you with split ends eventually - especially when you are often using heat styling tools on your strands.

The split ends will continue to cause breakage and dryness, which is why it is important to book into your Fremantle hair salon regularly.

As an added bonus, your stylist may be able to take some weight out of your layers, leaving you feeling a little lighter during those scorching hot days.

Control the frizz

Frizz is synonymous with the heat, as the heat, exposure to chlorine in pools and UV damage leave your strands parched. In order to absorb the moisture it craves, it will seek out the humidity in the air.

This causes the hair shaft to swell and causes breakages in the cuticle, leading to wayward strands.

The key is to add moisture at every opportunity, with moisture rich, sulphate-free shampoo and conditioners, leave-in treatments and  rich hair masks.

Luckily, Olaplex had created the perfect frizz-free solution with their No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner.

These miracle products re-link broken bonds to protect and repair damaged hair, split ends and frizz. Both highly moisturizing, the combination leaves hair easy to manage, shiny and healthier with each use. Best of all, it is strengthening and colour safe!

For a regular hair mask, we recommend Ego’s Mane Attention. This intense protein reconstructor which repairs and strengthens damaged and brittle hair to add softness, shine and reduce frizz.

For a leave-in option, get your hands on Olaplex’s exciting new release: No. 7 Bonding Oil. This bottle is worth its weight in gold, containing a highly concentrated, weightless restorative styling oil. Say goodbye to flyaways and frizz and hello to shine and colour vibrancy.

Shield your hair from the heat

Keep the vibrancy of your hair colour created so carefully by your hair stylist in Fremantle by protecting your hair from damaging UV rays. The sun is notorious for fading or discolouring your brand new dye job, but also wreak havoc on your hair cuticle - this is the source of dry and brittle strands, frizz and split ends.

Before heading out, spritz EVO’s Happy Campers into your tresses to block the sun’s damaging rays from penetrating your strands, just as you would apply sunscreen to your skin.

If you can’t live without your curling iron or straightener, make sure you always use a heat protectant spray before wielding your heat styling tools.

Rinse your locks before taking a dip

A simple way to ensure your hair doesn’t absorb the damaging salt water and chlorine at the beach or by the pool is to rinse your hair with fresh water before going for a swim. This way, you limit the amount of salty/chlorinated water that can be absorbed.

Get the salon treatment

If your hair needs some extra TLC before undertaking our summer hair care tips, step into our boutique hair salon for a professional hair treatment in Fremantle.

Our passionate team offers conditioning treatments with a luxurious scalp massage, restorative Olaplex stand alone treatments and can add an Olaplex mini-treatment to your regular cut and colouring services.  

Kinks Hair and Beauty’s team of experienced colourists are renowned for their hair colouring in Fremantle, helping you to achieve the hair colour of your dreams this summer.

Book in now for a fresh start this season by calling (08) 9335 6806 or scheduling your next appointment online.