The two most common methods are shaving and waxing - which have been around since the beginning of time.

Both methods, although they are the most common, are vastly different in every way.

How to

The shaving method is simple and involves using a razor to cut off the hair shaft, leaving the top layer of your skin smooth and hairless.

On the other hand, waxing is a method which uses hot wax, which is smoothed over the skin and then ripped off to remove the whole hair follicle, leaving lastingly smooth results.

The convenience of each method

Shaving is definitely more convenient, as you can shave at any time, anywhere, or at any stage of your hair’s growth. Convenience is the biggest pro of shaving.

Waxing is more complex as the process does need preparation and potentially professional help, if you are not confident or experienced enough to wax yourself. Not only do you have to wait for your hair follicle to grow to that awkward length (1cm) until you should wax, but you also need to allow for the wax to heat up before you can get started.

Similarly, if you seek professional help, you will need to book your appointment in advance and travel to get your wax.

How long the results last

Hair growth varies from person to person, as well as different areas within your body, however studies have shown that after waxing, your regrowth cycle will extend ten-fold compared to shaving.

Shaving tends to last anywhere from 1-2 days, (and 3-5 if you’re lucky), but waxing on the other hand will have lasting hairless results for 3-6 weeks!

Does it hurt?

The choice of the method also depends on the pain tolerance. Shaving is not painful at all - in fact you can barely feel anything during the process, unless you accidentally cut yourself of go over ingrown hairs. Just be sure you are using enough shaving cream and are delicately shaving in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

There is no sugar coating it. Waxing will hurt, however, it can be less or more painful depending on the person. It is a similar feeling to little stings and can leave your skin a bit red and swollen right after. But once you wait a few hours, you’ll want to keep going back, as the smooth results are mind blowing.

How much do they cost?

Depending on the type and style of razor, shaving can cost anywhere between $2 - $15 and is one of the cheapest methods of hair removal.

Waxing will cost anywhere between $10 - $60, and this will depend on the area you are getting waxed. Generally, the larger the area the more it will cost, so your upper lip may only cost $10, whereas a full leg wax will cost $60.

The verdict: shaving vs waxing

Although shaving may be cheaper and more convenient, it will cause your hair to grow back quicker and thicker. Only the top layer of hair is being removed and this may also cause ingrown hairs, razor burn or rashes.

Waxing is definitely the better choice, as it will improve the overall quality of your skin, removing any dead skin cells or nasties. Your hair will take longer to grow back and you can relax while you’re getting it done. Say goodbye to all ingrown hair and say hello to better looking, healthy, and smoother skin.

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