Nothing says summer like long, lazy days by the poolside or drinking in the sunshine on our pristine beaches.

Stride into the season with confidence by removing any unwanted hair with our Fremantle beauty therapists.

Waxing produces smoother results than shaving, with the hair-free results lasting up to four carefree weeks.

Regardless of the body part you are waxing either regularly or for the first time, these are the tips you should know to ensure the best possible results and experience.

Resist the urge to shave

Your hair should be at least ¼ of an inch long when you head to your appointment, so the wax can successfully grip and remove the hair.

With this in mind, you want to avoid the razor and grow out your hair for approximately 3 weeks before your appointment to ensure a smooth and even result.

When you shave, you are simply cutting the hair at the skin line, which is why stubble grows back almost immediately. Although the old wives tale claiming your hair grows back thicker after shaving is not true, it does appear to be coarser as the tip of the hair is made blunt by the razor.

When you wax, you are removing the hair from the follicle, so the hair must regenerate completely. Unlike with shaving, the hair will grow back with a softer, natural tip which makes it appear thinner.  

Shaving before an appointment will change the texture of your hair, cause some areas to grow back before others and will make the experience more uncomfortable. You are also more likely to experience ingrown hairs, which are never fun for anyone.  


To achieve the silky, soft skin from your waxing appointment, you will need to prepare ahead of time. Gently exfoliate in the days leading up to your wax to help the hairs to break through the skin for easy removal. This will also help to remove dead skin, oil and clogged pores.

Skip the lotion

While it is important to keep the skin supple in the lead up to your wax with regular moisturising, skip this step the day of. The lotion will make it more difficult for the wax to grasp and remove the hair.

Although moisturiser may seem like a soothing choice post-wax, the heavy lotions will only clog your pores, leading to further irritation. Give your skin a breather for at least 24 hours and opt for natural, lightweight moisturisers in the weeks following.

Wear loose clothing

The last thing you will want to do after a wax is pull on skinny jeans or a skin-tight shirt onto a sore and sensitive area. This can also lead to rubbing which is not only uncomfortable, but can cause a rash.

If you are opting for a brazillian, consider going commando or choosing the loosest-fitting pair of underwear in your drawer.

Be sunsmart

Although you will be keen to show off your new silky smooth skin, it is important to wait at least 48 hours before exposing your waxed body parts to the sun. The sensitive skin will easily burn and could leave you with permanent pigmentation marks.

Once the waiting period is over, be sure to apply high SPF sunscreen when venturing into the sunshine - upper lip included!

Avoid the gym for the first 24 hours

Not only will you be left with flawless smooth skin after a wax, but you will also have a free pass to skip the gym post wax. Experts recommend a wait of 24 to 48 hours before working out, especially in the case of Brazilian treatments.

As bikini waxes can be tough on the skin, leaving it sensitive and inflamed, it is best to give it a break.

If this was not reason enough, sweat and bacteria from intense movement can also find their way into your newly exposed pores, leading to nasty breakouts, ingrown hairs and infections.

If you want to speed up your skin’s healing process, reach for aloe gel, cool stones or ice-packs to reduce swelling and close up the follicles.  

How to deal with ingrowns

Prevention is key when it comes to ingrowns, so be sure to keep up with gentle exfoliation after your appointment as advised by your Kinks beauty therapist.

You can also invest in our expert team’s personal favourite product; Bumperaser’s Medi Paste. The highly concentrated spot solution is formulated with tea-tree oil and vitamin A to eliminate ingrown hairs and is available for purchase from our salon.

If you do discover any irritated, red bumps, use a gentle soap and warm water to cleanse the skin and pat dry. Apply a warm washcloth over the affected area for at least one minute, which can help to open the follicle and allow it to drain.

If the tip of the hair is outside the skin, gently tease it out with sterilised tweezers and remove. Do not pick out an ingrown hair which is under the skin, as it could lead to infection or push it in deeper - increasingly healing time. Many ingrowns will resolve themselves with time.

Leave it to the professionals

Our team of specialists at Kinks Hair and Beauty are experts at body hair removal of all kinds, working efficiently with a combination of strip wax and hot wax to target even the smallest and most sensitive areas with meticulous attention to detail.

Our waxing products include specific ingredients that help protect and hydrate sensitive skin, providing smooth and hair-free results.

For women’s waxing services, our Fremantle beauty salon specialises in Brazillians and eyebrow shaping, as well as offering upper lip, under arm, forearm and leg hair removal services.

Our Fremantle beauticians also provide professional male waxing services. Whether you are after a little ‘manscaping’ or the full leg, back and shoulder wax, we provide a discreet and fast hair removal process.

Book an appointment at our South Fremantle beauty salon online or by calling (08) 9335 6806.