We’re almost midway through 2020 and this year has already seen some of the most colorful yet delicate nail trends which everyone should try.

These trends have been inspired by the runway, celebrity looks and mimic the colours of summer and autumn. Here are 5 looks you need to try on your next salon visit.

Coloured french

This trend puts a funky spin on the classic french tip, where the traditional white tips are replaced by bright colours. You can opt for the same coloured tip on each nail or go rainbow and have a multitude of different colours on each nail.

The most popular colours for the tip are bright neon green, bold cherry red, a classic black, or a mixture of neon colours such as blue, pink, orange, and yellow.

Stacked french

A similar look to the coloured french, but instead of just one coloured tip, there are two. This look is most effective when contrasting colours to bring more dimension and colour to the nail. Just as the coloured french, you can opt for different coloured nails or stick to the same.

The most popular stacked french combinations include a bright pink and neon green, baby blue and deep maroon, subtle nudes and bright neons.

Gradient nails

This nail concept is quite simple yet has quite a bold effect. To achieve gradient nails, you must choose a single colour scheme and each nail is painted a different shade of the chosen colour. A gradient is formed with the alternating colours from each nail.

Popular colours for this trend are shades of blues, pinks to orange, and nudes to red. This trend is perfect for those who can never decide on a single colour.

Neon and Nude

The dynamic neon and nude trend has been extremely popular in 2020. Both colours compliment each other well, whilst incorporating a pop of colour to the traditional yet much loved nude.

This trend can be in the form of french tips, geometric shapes, abstract nail art, or alternative colours. The most popular combination is neon green and a pale nude.


Glitter nails never really go out of fashion. They are a perfect look for any special occasions or if you want your nails to stand out from the crowd. However, 2020 has defined glitter as a subtilty, pairing glitter with nudes and whites to tone down the look.

You can opt for all glitter nails, a single accent glitter nail, glitter tips or glitter ends, the possibilities are endless.

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