These times may seem difficult in light of COVID-19, but it is important that even at home we are looking and feeling beautiful. Consider one of these autumnal hair colours for your next look.

As the seasons are changing, so do hair colours and trends. Mimicking autumn colours of deep reds, subtle oranges, and dusty browns, the falling of leaves and the introduction to the cold, influences the way we style and colour our hair. 2020 calls for warm tones, low maintenance blondes, textured hair and rich multidimensional brunette.

Warm tones

Warm tones in hair can mean a number of things. Whether this be warm tones in blonde, brown, or any coloured hair. Every single person will be able to achieve this, and will create an overall warmth and some depth to the hair.

The different types of warmth in hair can include; copper, gold, orange, red or mixtures of each colour, for example a red/ orange tone.

Low maintenance blondes

The low maintenance blonde is perfect for the lazy girl. Due to our current situation it is actually the perfect time to adopt this hair colour. As the name suggests, this blonde is low maintenance, and only needs to be touched up every 6 months or so.

Similar to a balayage, this colour will have dark roots which are blended into a light and multidimensional blonde. By working with the natural colour of the roots, as the hair grows out, the root colour will just continue to extend through the hair shaft, and not look obviously grown out.

Rich multidimensional brunettes

Ditch the ordinary brown and opt for a rich multidimensional brunette. This hair colour won’t have you leaving the salon looking like a completely different person, but instead just enhance the natural brunette tones in your hair.

Similar to adding warm tones, the coloured dimensions in brunettes range from; ash, gold, rose, and chocolate. If you want you can also have a mix of these shades to enhance the multidimensional look.

EVO Fabuloso Pro

EVO’s Fabuloso Pro is a fully functional colour conditioner system, perfect for refreshing all colours, minimising brassy tones or creating a pastel/temporary colour on lightened hair. This product is perfect to help you achieve any colour mentioned above without committing to permanent dye.

To customise your own original colour, please consult or call your hair colourist professional, and they will be able to post out your products during the isolation period, so you can trial your new colour at home.

Textured Hair

The textured hair look brings together loose and messy curls to make the hair appear more voluminous. Often a common style for those with silky straight hair that are longing for something different.

To achieve this look you will need texturising or sea salt spray in order for the hair to hold. Use a curling wand to lightly curl the hair, and add your spray. Be sure to scrunch the hair to give it more texture and accentuate the curls. Finally if you want more texture feel free to tease then comb the roots.

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