Each season comes with its own hair colour trends to experiment with, however don’t be fooled into thinking winter hair colours are exclusively dark shades. From burgundy to honey blonde, this winter’s hair trends may not be what you’re expecting. Here are the winter hair colours to watch in 2018.

Chocolate ombre for long hair

Chocolate ombre - Winter hair trends 2018
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Ombre has been dominating the hair colour game for years now and it doesn’t appear to be leaving anytime soon. Chocolate ombre is a subtle way of updating your locks and is perfect for showcasing your long hair’s gloss. This rich shade will add some serious shine to your tresses.

Burgundy babe

Burgundy babe - Winter hair trends 2018
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If you’re dying to experiment with unique colours but not game enough to go for pinks and lilacs, opt for burgundy hair. Burgundy is a dramatic shade that strikes the perfect balance of wearable and show-stopping. This red-brown colour can be subtly incorporated through your brunette shade for a fun but mature look.

Black hair

Black hair - Winter hair trends 2018
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No hair colour is as striking and dramatic as black. By opting for black, you’ll be injecting some serious elegance and shine into your locks. Black is best suited to those with brunette hair. The shade of black you opt for is a big decision that depends on your skin tone and eye colour. If you have a darker complexion and brown eyes, go for brownish black hair, while those with a lighter complexion and blue or green eyes are more suited to jet black hair.

Honey blonde

Honey blonde - Winter hair trends 2018
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Who says blonde shades are synonymous with summer? Honey blonde is the perfect winter shade, particularly suiting those with medium skin tones and dark blonde or light brown roots. This warm shade will add dimension to your hair and can be blended with caramel and golden highlights for an even more stunning look.

Golden brown balayage

Golden brown balayage - Winter hair trends 2018
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Balayage is the perfect choice for stylish ladies who want something low maintenance. Golden brown balayage is a discrete but effective way of adding some warmth and depth to your colour. The balance between brunette and blonde makes this shade the perfect interpretation of winter’s balayage.

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