As we hurtle towards the end of winter in Perth, the days are getting longer and the sunshine is bringing some much needed warmth into our lives. The team at Kinks Hair and Beauty Salon in Fremantle are thrilled to be heading into these warmer months, and wanted to compile a list of some of the essential spring hair colour trends that you need to be aware of before it’s too late!

  1. Chocolate Truffle

This indulgent colour combines both warm and cool brunette tones together, making for a truly beautiful colour that isn’t overly extreme. If you’re looking to add a level of sophistication to your normal hair colouring in Fremantle, the chocolate truffle could become your go to for spring.

Chocolate Truffle Spring Hair Colour Trend
Chocolate Truffle

  1. Strawberry Blonde

We’ve seen all sorts of different red tone influences in hair trends in 2020, and this strawberry blonde colour offers those on trend tones for those looking to go for a lighter spring colour. One of the many advantages of such a colour is that it is quite a low maintenance shade, allowing a nice amount of flexibility in how light or vibrant you’d like your hair to be.

Strawberry Blonde spring hair colour trend
Strawberry Blonde

  1. Red Velvet

Another red tone influenced colour, this time with more deeper and intense red hues for the spring. Red velvet colours aren’t too warm or cool, and can be tailored to any skin tone for a beautiful finish.

Red Velvet Spring Hair Colour Trend
Red Velvet

  1. Espresso Brown

Although it’s usually lighter colours that are associated with spring, the brunettes of the world are coming through with these incredible chocolate and espresso type tones. To get a shiny, smooth look, ask your stylist for a colour gloss for your darker hair colour.

Espresso Brown Spring Hair Colour Trend
Espresso Brown

  1. Copper

Another amazing utilisation of red tones in your hair for the spring. When deciding on the specific tone of colour, it’s important to discuss with your stylist on how you can perfectly align this with your skin tone. If you are unsure on what you think would work, quality hairdressers in Fremantle should always be able to provide detailed recommendations.

Copper Spring Hair Colour Trend

  1. Rose Gold

Building off the copper tones, the cooler pink tones of rose gold will be another spring hair colour trend in 2020.

Rose God Spring Hair Colour Trend
Rose Gold

At Kinks Hair and Beauty Salon we specialise in all types of hair colours and tones. So no matter if you want to try one of these spring hair colour trends, or a completely different one, we’ll work with you to find your ideal colour. We also offer the Evo Fabuloso Pro, a custom mixed colour conditioner to help maintain the wide variety of hair colouring in our Fremantle salon.

As Fremantle hair treatment specialists, we analyse different factors of your lifestyle, your skin tone, face shape, and haircut, allowing us to come to produce a truly perfect match for your hair.