Summer may be over in Perth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little brightness into your life with a variation of beach blonde hair. From cool caramels to strawberry blonde, there are plenty of options to keep your blonde locks looking fresh and stylish throughout the colder months. If you’re looking to test whether the saying is true, here are six trending blonde hair colours to try in 2018.

Creamy caramel

Caramel blonde hair - Kinks Fremantle
Image courtesy of Pinterest

If you’re hoping to take your blonde hair a shade darker in preparation for Perth’s cooler months, introducing a subtle caramel balayage into your do is a great way to add warmth to your look without any dramatic changes. This trending hair colour also works really well for those looking to take their first steps from brunette to blonde before going full beach babe next summer. If you’re really feeling the love from this colour, our Fremantle hairdressers recommend going all out with an all-over colour or creamy caramel highlights.

Natural blonde

Natural blonde - Kinks hair Fremantle

It’s always fun experimenting with different shades, but there’s a reason natural blonde remains a firm favourite when it comes to popular blonde hair colours. From Jennifer Anniston to Nicole Kidman, we’ve seen plenty of women prove that opting “organic” (or at least the illusion of) is as beautiful as ever in 2018.  A natural tone with face-framing foils will help add radiance to your look whilst ensuring no one questions the authenticity of your blonde locks.

Strawberry blonde

Strawberry Blond
Image courtesy of therighthairstyles

For the perfect seasonal transition, there’s no looking past the beautiful hues of strawberry blonde.This striking colour tone is achieved through a stunning blend of blonde and copper, and is great for adding dimension to your overall do. The best thing about this blonde-based hair colour  It’s really versatile, so you can be as big, bold or subtle as you like. For a subdued take on this look, warm up your natural blonde hues with fine strawberry blonde highlights. Alternatively, make a signature statement by venturing more towards the red end of the spectrum!

Golden honey blonde

Golden blonde hair - Kinks Fremantle

If you’re looking to take a step away from bleach blonde hair as we head towards winter, golden honey blonde is the perfect in-between to keep you on trend with the seasonal colour palette.Slightly warmer than your natural blonde tones, this rich honey shade will add depth and dimension to your hair, providing the perfect counterbalance to the cold winter weather. To really play on the depth of this colour, experiment with a blend of honey, caramel and golden highlights.

Rose Gold

Rose gold hair - Kinks hairdressers Fremantle

For those looking to push their blonde boundaries a little bit further, rose gold is the trending hair colour that has truly taken over 2018. Subtler than an all-out pink, but brighter than your natural blonde tone, this hair colour is further proof that blonde works really well when blended with unexpected shades. Combining golden blonde with hints of pink, this is another blend that leaves room for versatility. Stay towards the golden end of the spectrum for a subtle rose gold glow, or add heavier rose hues for a gorgeous take on pastel pink.

Professional hair colouring at Kinks

If you’re after a new hair colour to match the changing seasons, the expert hair colourists at Kinks Fremantle can help you find the perfect colour to suit your style and personality. Our Fremantle hairdressers are always staying up-to-date with the latest hair colour trends and techniques to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of the hairdressing industry.

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